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ONLY@BIG C offers house brands for clothes and home appliances under brand of Big C. The concept is to produce good quality and designed products at best price as an alternative, especially for Big C's customers. Big C has developed various style and design but with a uniqueness to respond all lifestyles for all target groups from kids to grown up.

ONLY@BIG C provides 2 major product groups

1. Soft Line (clothing and accessories)


Boy's clothes
Girl's clothes
Moda Bimbi
Baby's clothes


Casual men teenagers' clothes
Colorful women teenagers' clothes

Denim's product:

Jean's clothes collection with smart & casual style suitable for all ages and all genders

Working women:

clothes for women aging from 21-35 years with Mix&Match style and uniqueness

Exclusive License:

Disney Kids: kids' clothes with cartoon printing for babies and kids for both boys and girls aging 1-14 years old with Big C's Exclusive License from Disney in which Disney will produce clothes exclusively for Big C only e.g. Pooh by Big C, Mickey&Minnie
Disney Kids
Pooh by Big C
Mickey & Minnie

2. Home Line (home décor and accessories)

Home Line (home décor and accessories) or Home Collection by Big C products under brand of Country House, Chambray and Comfortta e.g. towels, pillows, bolster, throw pillow, curtains, and other accessories such as exclusive designed bathroom accessories available at Big C only.

Country House

Big C has a specialist team to develop the quality and design "ONLY@BIG C" product constantly. All the products are produced by quality manufacturer who provided similar products of those brand names. Moreover, Big C has extended our product lines to be more various to best respond our customers' need. Each year, Big C launches 2 collections i.e. Summer Collection and Winter Collection, including conducts promotion & marketing events to consistently promote our products awareness to our customers such as arranging Seasonal Catalogue to conduct fashion event for each collection. Big C organized the first fashion show in 2006, which is considered as the first hypermarket who launched ONLY@BIG C fashionable products by organizing a fashion show.