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Concept of Big C Brand

Smart Choices for Smart Family

Big C Supercenter proudly presents the new housebrand called ‘Big C brand’, which is developed under the theme,

the brand that suits all tastes, offers value for money and meets daily needs

Our focus is on products that are of high quality at reasonable prices. Big C Brand products are a new choice for modern families and reflect today’s smart families.

Big C will continually introduce new product items under the Big C Brand covering all product lines. These include non-food items, dry food items and fresh food items

Good Quality
To ensure the good quality, all Big C Brand products are manufactured by the certified factory and analyzed by accredited laboratory to deliver the standard product to consumers.
We offer the saving price with 15% lower than National brand products due to we contact directly with the manufacturer, and no more marketing cost.
Satisfied Guarantee
With Smart choices for smart family, all family will be satisfied with Big C Brand with guaranteed quality and value.