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Big C Launches Pricing Strategy to Ensure Customer Trust in Price Leadership, With Long-term Promises via “5 Price Pillars” Naming “Kong Saharat” Big C’s Brand Ambassador after 5 Years

23 March 2016

Big C reveals its all-time commitment in lowering living costs of consumers by announcing its pricing strategy “Took Sud Sud Pai Loey” while creating customer trust with the five long-term price promises; price-guaranteed promotions, always-in-stock inventory, 5,000 items cheaper than last year, correct price tags and free instant coupons everyday. Thailand’s sweetheart Kong Saharat takes part in Big C’s price missions as a new brand ambassador and drives price awareness with a catchy song, special music video and a TVC via every communications channels all year round.

Mr. Robert Godwin, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Big C Supercenter PCL announced at the press conference at Big C Rajadamri today, “According to the customer behavior survey conducted by Big C, key response says that the customers want to trust the retailer on its prices. When announcing a great promotion, they expect products in stock and always have a correct price tag at the shelf and where they check out to pay. These are the most important factors affecting customer trust at any retailers. Therefore, Big C launches a price strategy “Took Sud Sud Pai Loey” to convey the 5 price promises for long-term price satisfaction and lower living cost at all times:

Price-guaranteed Promotions. If other retailers advertise the same products in newspapers and TV media at cheaper promotional prices than Big C during the same promotion period, Big C will make its price further cheaper instantly! Note: Compare promotional prices at the same store formats between Big C and competitors.

Promotional Products Always in Stock. In case Big C runs short of promotional products as advertised in newspaper and TV media before the promotional period ends, Big C will give a redemption coupon for buying those products at promotional prices when they are restocked, within 10 days after the actual last day of promotion.

5,000 Items Cheaper Than Last Year. Each time customers shop at Big C, they are always getting the best deals with over 5,000 items cheaper than last year (comparing normal prices this year and in the same time last year.)

Always Correct Price Tag. Pay What You See. Big C will pay back the price difference instantly in case the price at check-out counter appears higher than the price tag placed at the product shelf. This condition is applied within day of purchase.

Free Instant Coupons Everyday. Big C customers will receive instant discount coupons, applicable to the current purchase of selected products or products in selected categories.

“Despite economic uncertainties, Big C has proved itself resiliently and always work hard to lighten the load of customers’ living cost. It’s essential that customers know we live up to our promises and this price investment reflects our strong commitment to low prices and honesty to our customers. It also re-assures that we are the true leader in prices thus Big C becomes the number one retailer that families and smart shoppers can trust. This is not a short promotion but long-lived promises so customers are ensured that they can rely on our prices in a long run. In terms of Big C’s marketing directions in 2016, we remain our priorities in making prices cheaper while also communicating this message across our customers as well as driving seasonal marketing and encouraging consumer engagement via social media.”

“To guarantee that our five price promises are well delivered to the customers, Big C announces its first brand ambassador – Kong Saharat – after 5 years. This superstar will confirm his impression of shopping at Big C with all-time competitive and cheaper-than-other-retailers prices nationwide,” Mr. Robert added.

A special song “Took Sud Sud Pai Loey” from Kong Saharat along with the music video and TVC will be publicly broadcast nationwide today via Big C’s communication channels and social media including Facebook (BigCBigService), YouTube (BigC ShoppingCenter) and in-store media at all stores. Find more information at or call center 1756.

At present, Big C operates different store formats across the country: 125 hypermarkets, 55 Big C Markets, 393 Mini Big C stores, 147 Pure Drugstores as well as e-commerce platform of Big C Shopping Online and Cdiscount. In 2016, Big C will expand business by opening 6 hypermarkets, 3 Big C Markets and 75 Mini Big C stores (50 franchised stores).