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About Big C Foundation

Big C Foundation was founded by Big C Super Center Public Co., Ltd in 2002 from the belief that a good and successful business operation must be responsible for the future and the well-being of the society. The foundation has the main objective to promote education and sports to Thai adolescence and create the prosperity and stability to young people who are the future of the country.

Big C foundation realized that a school is a place that provides education to young people in every level especially for underprivileged adolescence but many public schools do not have enough buildings for students that increases every year so the foundation has given the budget in creating classroom buildings for local schools which was part of the work operation of Big C Foundation and in each year the foundation committee joining hands with the basic education office, the Ministry of Education selected schools which had not enough classroom buildings in order to construct classroom building and give it to them. For the entire work operation in the past, the foundation has created classroom building to the school under the basic education office to every region of the country and will construct more every year.

Moreover, Big C foundation has the main policy in giving scholarship to underprivileged students who have an outstanding academic record. In the past, we have given 6 continuous years scholarship to secondary education students around the country in the total amount of 28,000 scholars and in the year 2013 the foundation had adjusted the policy to give scholarship for 3 consecutive years to students in lower secondary education and increase the scholarships from 3,200 scholars per year to 6,200 scholars per year around the country in order to expand the help more widely and extensively.

And to help young people stay away from the drugs and to support sports community, the foundation has created the Big C Basketball court and gives to school and various community and create Big C community sport center. There was promoting activity for young people to encourage them to read continuously by creating Big C library and Big C house and gives to the various schools and community around the country which would promote young people to spend their free time wisely.

The foundation also operated many other public charity activities in order to conduct educational activity and help general public and to gather the work operation budget in each year for not less than 25 million baht with the determination to create educational opportunity for young people and create a better quality of life and help young people grow up to become responsible citizens with quality and virtue of community, society and the country as our mission "Big C Foundation creates dream, happiness and smiles for Thai society.”